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Tim is an author of several books on a wide variety of subjects, a freelance writer of thousands
of articles appearing in publications around the world, and a management consultant who has extensively traveled the world. Tim graduated from Ohio University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications (BSC) from OU’s College of Communications, School of Communication Studies (formerly School of Interpersonal Communications). Upon graduation, he joined M&JB, a management consulting firm specializing in Information Resource Management, and served in a variety of capacities. As Director, his responsibilities include product development, implementation, training and on-going support of all customers on a worldwide basis. Tim is an avid writer and speaker, discussing everything from business and management, to politics and morality, to systems and technology, and our ever changing world. His talks are both educational and entertaining, never boring. Tim has written extensively on politics for different publications and has traveled with the Washington press corps in covering President Trump’s Florida rallies. In addition to his writing, Mr. Bryce is a frequent guest on the radio. For more information on Tim’s background, see: https://timbryce.com/about/
Fee & Expense: Will quote
Travel Restrictions: None
Contact: timb1557@gmail.com


Willie has produced over 4000 podcasts on various platforms and appeared on his own terrestrial radio program. He has interviewed a great number of important Republican and conservative voices in the past decade. Willie has been on projects with numerous conservative groups, Grassfire Nation, Liberty News, The Exceptional Conservative Network and others. The Willie Lawson Show was a flagship program of “Heading Right Radio” on Blog Talk Radio during the 2008 election cycle. During that election cycle Willie spoke at the very first Tea Party Rally help in Tampa. Willie wrote for the Washington Times Community during the 2012 election cycle. The Willie Lawson Show was on Radio Row at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa. It was one of the few independent internet only programs on radio row. Always concerned about his community Willie ran as a Republican for Hillsborough county commission is 2012 and 2016. Willie has served on the Hillsborough county Executive Committee and been both Vice President and President of the African American Republican Club of Hillsborough County and The New Century Republican Club, respectively. Currently Willie is the Executive Director of Urban Game Changers Florida, a center-right organization dedicated to providing conservative solutions to problems that plague Urban America. Willie is the lead at Fight Back Media, a group of media outlets dedicated to pushing back the narrative of mainstream media. To contact Willie please use the email address below.
Fees & Expense: Will Quote
Travel Restrictions: State-wide
Contact: wls860@gmail.com

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