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NYT Issues An Apology for Publishing Tom Cotton’s Op-Ed, DailyWire, June 4, 2020,

Riots, Brought to You by District Attorneys Who Won’t Prosecute, Issues and Insights, June 5, 2020

Going All-in: Minneapolis City Council Considers Disbanding Entire Police Force, The Conservative Treehouse, June 4, 2020

‘Best Friend’ of NYPD Bomber was Obama Intel Aid With Ties to CAIR and Soros, PJMedia, June 4, 2020,

Wayne Root: Mr. President, It’s Time to Investigate George Soros for funding Domestic Terrorism, The Gateway Pundit, June 4, 2020,

All Rioters, Arsonists, Looters in St. Louis Freed from Jail Without Charges, Breitbart, June 4, 2020,

MeEnany pounds Acosta with facts on what really went down at Lafayette Square, he still can’t comprehend, Bizpac Review, June 4, 2020,

America’s Make-Believe Moment, American Spectator, June 5, 2020,

A Very Real Silent Majority will Reelect Trump, American Spectator, June 5, 2020

Progressives’ Dreams will send New York right back to ’70s Blight, NY Post, June 4, 2020,

NYC Arsonists to be instantly Freed from Jail Thanks to ‘Bail Reform’ Law, Breitbart, June 3, 2020

Thousands of Protestors March on the Home of NYC Mayor de Blasio, Demand He Resign for How He’s Handled the City, Redstate, June 2, 2020,

Flynn Case Comes to a Head: Judge Asks Court for More Time; DOJ, You Don’t Have the Authority, Daily Wire, June 3, 2020,

Twitter says it will focus on ‘context’ not ‘fact-checking’ after Trump confronts social media, BizPac Review, June3, 2020,

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking ‘private’ internet use, Reuters, June 2, 2020,

Democrats and Antifa: Fighting Racism with Racism and Riots, American Thinker, June 4, 2020,

Biden has no Good Options, Townhall, June 4, 2020

Media Falsely Claimed Violent Riots Were Peaceful and That Tear Gas was Used Against Rioters, The Federalist, June 2. 2020,

Protests, Riots, Death by Cop: Have We Learned Nothing? Issues and Insights, June 4, 2020,

Why Hasn’t Antif been Infiltrated Yet? American Thinker, June 4, 2020,

Tod Rosenstein Copies Hillary’s Defensive Technique in the Senate, American Thinker, June 4, 2020

The Political Consequences of George Floyd, The Bryce is Right, June 4, 2020

Mail-in Votes Discarded, Never Counted in Baltimore Election Due to Error, Breitbart, June 3, 2020

Democrats at War, American Thinker, June 6, 2020,

Accused Molotov cocktail hurler is Ivy League-educated lawyer, community board, member, NY Post, May 31, 2020,

Florida Sheriff Encourages Residents to shoot Looters Breaking into Homes, NY Post, June 1, 2020

Michael Flynn Judge Just Told the D.C. Circuit Why He Refused to Immediately Dismiss Prosecution, Law and Crime, June, 1, 2020,

Why On Earth Am I so Hopeful, American Thinker, June 2, 2020,

What’s Trump Got to Do With the George Floyd Riots?,  Issues and Insights, June 2, 2020,

No, Trump Should Not Rescue Cities Again, American Greatness, June 1, 2020,

Trump is right, Antifa are Terrorists; They always Were, Washington Examiner, June 2, 2020,

Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost, Townhall, June 2, 2020,

Seven Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants so Badly, The American Spectator, June 2, 2020

Ending the Riots is as simple as Letting the Police do their Jobs, NY Post, June 1, 2020

Minnesota Rodeo: National Guard and Police Round Up 150 Curfew Violators,- And Find Caches of Arson Materials, Hot Air, June 1, 2020

4 St. Louis Police Officers shot at George Floyd Protests, still Taking Fire, Fox News, June 2, 2020

Democratic Congresswoman Thanks Violent Rioters in Florida, Floridian Press, June 1, 2020

LancetGate: Pulling a Fast One on Proponents of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine, American Spectator, June, 1, 2020

De Blasio ‘pround’ of daughter Chiara’s arrest during George Floyd protests, NY Post, June 1, 2020,

Give up Your Guns Because Democrats Will Totally Protect You, Townhall, June 1, 2020,

Woman to Santa Monica Looters: ‘This is Going to Get Trump Reelected’, Breitbart, May 31, 2020

We’re on the Wrong Side of History Past the Point of No Return, Restoring Liberty, May 31, 2020

The President has the Constitutional Poser to restore Order. He Must Act, National Review, May 31, 2020,

Outsiders, extremists are among those fomenting violence in Twin Cities, MPR News, May 30, 2020,

Key Races to Watch in Tuesdays Primaries, The Hill, May 31, 2020

George Floyd, Antifa, and Terrorism, Issues and Insights, June 1, 2020

Biden’s ‘allies’ gearing up to sink his campaign, The Hill, May 31,2020,

Declassified transcripts add to evidence that FBI had no legal basis to intervieew Michael Flynn, Just The News, May 31. 2020,

Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’, Fox News, June 1, 2020

The Minneapolis disaster has Democrat Fingerprints All Over It, FrontPage Mag, June 1, 2020,

Elon Musk said he was ‘overcome with emotion’ over SpaceX launch and the task of bringing astronauts home: ‘I’m getting choked up, I’m sorry.’ Business Insider, May 30,

Leo Terrell is furious at fellow-dems over riots; I’m a black voter and you have lost me if you don’t stand up to these criminals, Bizpac Review, May 30, 2020,

Hydroxychloroquine, me and the great divide, American Thinker, May 30, 2020,

By Forcing Control on Hong Kong, Beijing Killed the Golden Goose, The Federalist, May 30, 2020,

Boom – Dana Boente Removed! – FBI Chief Legal Counsel Forced to Resign.., The Conservative Tree House, May 30, 2020,

Mayor Moron Destroys America’s Major cities When you reward bad Behavior, Expect More of It, The American Spectator, May 30, 2020,

Questions raised over masked white man with umbrella seen calmly smashing windows before Minneapolis riots, Yahoo News, May 29,2020,

Chaos is now Donald Trump’s Biggest Threat-Goodwin, NY Post, May 30,2020,

American Hope and Horror, The Washington Examiner, May 31, 2020

Biden Campaign Staff Donates to Organization That Bails out Rioters Arrested in Minneapolis, Townhall, May 30, 2020,

Biden’s veepstakes just became a Disaster, The Washington Examiner, May 29, 2020,

China Working to Assume Control of UN Agencies, Washington Free Beacon, May 28, 2020

This is Easy: Don’t Excuse, Defend or Encourage Rioters, National Review, May 29, 2020,

Antifa’s White Privilege, Spectator USA, May 30, 2020,

More riots, looting prompt curfews, calls for National Guard in cities, states across US, Fox News, May 30, 2020,

Democrats Believe More in the Swamp than in Biden, The American Spectator, May 30, 2020,

Biden says Charlamagne tha God was ‘baiting’ him, which prompted ‘you ain’t black’ remark,  Fox News, May 30, 2020

“There are No Words Sufficient to convey Our Disgust and Disdain” – Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Releases Statement on Flynn Transcripts, Gateway Pundit, May 29, 2020

Gregg Jarrett: In Russia collusioni hoax, Rod Rosenstein must be held accountable for his flagrant misconduct, Fox News, May 29,2020,

Elizabeth Warren would be a great Biden running mate, if you want Trump to win, Washington Examiner, May 30, 2020,

Nolte: The Science Turns Against America’s Mask Fascists, Breitbart, May 29, 2020

George Floyd’s preliminary autopsy raises the question: Was this another rush to judgement?, American Thinker, May 30, 2020,

“There are No Words Sufficient to Convey our Disgust and Disdain” – Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Releases Statement on Flynn Transcripts, The Gateway Pundit, May 29,2020

Protesting Works. Rioting Doesn’t, National Review, May 29,2020,

140 Republican Lawmakers Pile Onto Lawsuit Against Democrats Over Proxy Voting, File Inunctions on New Proxy Votes, The Federalist, 5/29/2020

Joe Biden Veepstakes Take Bad Turn as Scandals Hit Amy Klobuchar, Gretchen Whitmer, Breitbart, May 29, 2020

Twitter places notice on Trump’s Minneapolis tweet for ‘glorifying violence’, NY Post, May 29 2020

China’s Communist Regime Shows Its True Totalitarian Colors, Issues and Insights, May 29, 2020,

Policy vs. Personality: Why Would anyone Vote for Biden over Trump?, American Thinker, May 29, 2020,

School in Session: McEnany Reminds the Media that Registered Voters in Many States are also Dead, Townhall, May 28, 2020,

All Hell Broke Loose In Minneapolis and ‘Armed Rednecks’ Stepped In to Protect Businesses, Townhall, May 28, 2020,

What the Obamagate Scandals Mean and Why They Matter, Real Clear Politics, May 27, 2020,

Valerie Jarrett Calls for Vote-by-Mail in Every State – ‘There is De Minimis Vote Fraud in Our Country’, Breitbart, May 28, 2020,

103- year- old Massachusetts woman Celebrates Coronavirus Victory with a Beer, Breitbart, May 27, 2020

It has started Biden sliding downward in the polls, American Thinker, May 28, 2020

‘What?!’ Donna Brazile leaves co-hosts speechless when she argues ‘there’s now First Amd. right to lie’, Bizpac Review, May 28, 2020,

Amy Klobuchar didn’t prosecute officer at center of George Floyd’s death, The Week., May 28.2020,

‘We’re fed up’: Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies – The Washington Times – May 28, 2020

Medicare chief Verma blasts Cuomo for trying to deflect blame onto White House for NY nursing home deaths, Fox News, May 27, 2020,

Numerous Former Pelosi Aides Lobbying For Companies Seeking Benefits Related To Coronavirus, Report Says, Daily Wire, May 27, 2020,

Betsy McCaughey: Cuomo nursing home scandal – Deaths likely closer to 10,000 and it gets worse, Fox News, May 26, 2020,

In the end, it is the face mask that is the clearest symbol of America’s divide, American Thinker, May 27, 2020,

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip, The Hill, May 26, 2020

A viral video may keep Biden’s nasty little habit in the public eye, American Thinker, May 27, 2020

Kayleigh McEnany claps back at Chris Wallace: ‘Journalists not above being questioned’, BizPac Review, May 26, 2020,

That ‘compromised president’ just closed US skies to Russian spies, Jewish World Review, May 26, 2020,

Illinois Dems bank on a Congressional Bailout, Washington Free Beacon, May 26, 2020,

Before Election, Voters deserve Full Answers on Obama, Biden, NY Sun, May 26. 2020

The Facts on the Crisis at our Border, and How to Fix It, American Thinker, May 27, 2020

Americans fight over everything else- why not add religious services to the list, NewsObserver, May 27, 2020,

Twitter exec in charge of effort to fact-check Trump has history of anti-Trump posts, called McConnelll a ‘bag of farts’, Fox News, May 27, 2020,

Richard Grenell Bends Sen. Mark Warner Over His Knee One More Time Before Heading Out the Door, RedState, May 26,2020,

Apparently, Democrats Really Are Worried about an Economic Rebound, National Review, May 26, 2020,

11 Democrats Who Lied, on Twitter, About ‘Fine People’ in Charlottesville, Breitbart, May 26, 2020,

Kayleight McEnanay claps back at Christ Wallace: ‘Journalists not above being questioned’, Bizpac Review, May25, 2020

Sorry, media: You’re not victims no matter how much ‘abuse’ you take, NY Post, May 25, 2020,

Michigan Gov. Whitmer caught in Memorial Day lockdown controversy over husband’s reported boat request, Fox News, May 25. 2020,

Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma – and New York’s economy too, NY Post, May 25, 2020,

California Democrats Want to Bring Racial Preferences Back, National Review, May 24, 2020

Exclusive – Mike Pence on Social Media Censorship of Conservatives: ‘We’re Just Not Going to Tolerate It’, Breitbart, May 26,2020,

California Democrats Want to Bring Racial Preferences Back, National Review, May 24, 2020

Joe Biden — the perverted Magic Eight Ball that is always wrong, Washington Times, May 25, 2020

In 2020 Be More Skeptical Than Ever of the Polls, Washington Examiner, May 26, 2020,

Cooking the Books on Covid-19 Deaths, American Thinker, May26, 2020,

Science Says: Lockdowns Could Kill More of Us Than the Coronavirus, Issues and Insights, May 26, 2020,

Melania Trump Stuns In $3,500 Gucci Coat on Memorial Day, Int. Business Times, May 26, 2020,

As Long As a Political Party Believes It Owns African-Americans, Blacks Will Not Be Free, American Spectator, May 26. 2020,

Exclusive: Judge Emmett Sullivan, from General Flynn Trial, Arranged Speaking Gig for James Comey at Howard University for $100,000, Gateway Pudit, May 25, 2020

CNBC Reporter: Biden is Offering Most Expensive Tax Plan of Any Democratic Candidate in Recent History, Gateway Pundit, May 25, 2020

Joe Biden — the perverted Magic Eight Ball that is always wrong, Washington Times, May 25,2020

Has Trump been proven right yet again about the Wuhan virus? – American Thinker – May 25, 2020

Good news: Ric Grenell won’t return to Berlin as US ambassador – American Thinker – May 25, 2020

Pastor Scott at WH roundtable: ‘I’ve lived under 12 administrations, Trump has been the most pro-black president in my lifetime’ – Biz Pac Review – May 24, 2020

Chicago Mayor Launches Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services – Briebart – May 24, 2020

Don’t Buy the Misleading Figures. Here’s the Real Story About How the U.S. Matches Up on Coronavirus Deaths – PJ Media – May 24, 2020

A ‘deplorables’ moment for Joe Biden shows why he won’t win the black vote: Devine – New York Post – May 24, 2020

Obama should apologize to Trump – Spectator USA – May 23, 2020

President Donald Trump wants a commission set up to review complaints of anticonservative bias and censorship on social media, Daily Mail, May 25, 2020

Obama should apologize to Trump, Spectator USA, May 23, 2020

Pastor Scott at WH roundtable: “I’ve lived under 12 administrations, Trump has been the most pro-black president in my lifetime”,  Bizpac Review, May 24, 2020 –


Still More Evidence That Lockdowns Were  A Massive Waste of Time, Money, and Lives – May23, 2020

Grenell smokes Eric Swalwell, calls his bluff on releasing transcripts of Flynn’s call to Russian ambassador- BizPac Review – May 22, 2020

Friday Fun: McEnany Tussles with Press on Reopening Churches, Homework on Flynn Probe – May 22, 2020 –

Obamagate: Of Course It Comes Back to Obama’s Narcissism – The American Spectator – May 22, 2020-

Pelosi: “Vote-by-Mail is More Democratic” Than Voting in Person with Photo ID – The Gateway Pundit – May 21, 2020-

A note to Joe Biden: You ain’s Barack Obama – NY Post – May 22, 2020

That was not what the vice president said’: Sheila Jackson Lee denies Biden meant ‘you ain’t black’ comment – Washington Examiner – May 22, 2020 –

FBI chief Christopher Wray opens internal probe of Michael Flynn case – New York Post – May 22, 2020

Fauci says extened stay-home orders could cause ‘irreparable damage’ – Fox News – May 23, 2020

Hudson: A Deplorable Moment for Every Black American in This Country – Breitbart – May 22, 2020

Pennsylvania counties have 800,000 ineligible voters on voter registration lists, lawsuit claims – FOX News – May 20, 2020

Trump Takes the Gloves off on Obamagate: No More Mr.Nice Guy – Sentry Bugle – May 21, 2020

Florida Governor DeSantis brings out his inner Trump – American Thinker- May 21,2020

Democrats are using the global pandemic to alter elections- Washington Examiner- May 21, 2020

After winning primary, Biden concedes to Sanders – Washington Examiner- May 21.2020

Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal Exploding – American Thinker-May 21,2020

The Telephone Bill Comes for Sundown Joe- New reasons to suspect Joe Biden will not make it to the nomination finish line – The American Spectator – May 21, 2020

Virginia City That Voted Obama Twice Just Threw Democrats out of OfficeThe Daily CallerMay 20, 2020

Senate Committee Authorizes Subpoena in Hunter Biden Burisma Investigation -Breitbart- May 20, 2020

Doctors raise alarm about health effects of continued coronavirus shutdown: ‘Mass casulaty incident’-Fox News- May 20,2020

Michigan: Gretchen Whitmer seeds the nursing homes with COVID-19 – American Thinker – May 20, 2020

The left’s two big albatrosses: Biden and Pelosi – American Thinker – May 20, 2020

Donald Trump: Nancy Pelosi Has a Lot of Mental Problems – Briebart – May 19, 2020

Trump Gives CBS News Journo Paula Reid the Answer She Deserves After Ridiculous Jobs Plan Question – RedState – May 19, 2020

California’s Budget Bust-Up – City Journal – May 19, 2020

American media undercutting Trump’s tense battle with China: Goodwin – New York Post – May 19, 2020

Andrew Cuomo’s Reckless Choices – National Review
May 19, 2020
Cuomo shows he is not a good decision maker!! “Bill de Blasio made terrible decisions as mayor of New York City. But as more reporting emerges about the catastrophic decisions made by New York’s governor, it’s possible Andrew Cuomo deserves even more blame than de Blasio for what the coronavirus has done to the tri-state area and consequently the nation.New York and New Jersey combined have suffered more COVID-19 deaths than any other country being tracked by researchers who run the Johns Hopkins crisis dashboard. Cuomo made three breathtakingly bad moves in March that in retrospect amounted to catastrophe. First, Cuomo failed to call for, and even actively discouraged, informal social-distancing measures in early March. Next was the delay in mid-March in ordering formal closures when the virus started rampaging through his state. Third was his March 25 edict to long-term care facilities that they must accept infected patients, which caused a mass deadly outbreak among helpless, trapped, elderly New Yorkers. Only in the last few days have some corners of the media begun to call attention to just how badly Cuomo has failed us.”

These two congressional districts could decide the presidential race – Washington Examiner
May 19, 2020
Interesting!! “The fate of the 2020 general election could hang on two congressional districts, one in Maine and the other tucked away in Nebraska.Maine and Nebraska are the only two states in the country that split their Electoral College votes by congressional district while also rewarding the statewide victor, giving Democrats extra opportunities to pick up votes in otherwise Republican strongholds. And with the fall fight between President Trump and Joe Biden set to be a tight battle for the White House, every vote will matter on Nov. 3.For the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Kevin Smith, Trump and Biden were “pretty darn close” nationwide. Though early polling hints the key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are tilting toward Biden, “who knows what they’ll look like come the second half of October,” the political science professor told the Washington Examiner.”The scenario … where the split electoral votes in Maine and Nebraska could play a deciding role in determining who wins is far from unrealistic,” he said.”

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